Ferrari 458

With Ferrari now firmly back into turbocharging their road cars, following the re-introduction of turbo for the Ferrari California T and Ferrari 488 GTB, the next step is to also turbo-fit the open-top version – meet a new Ferrari name:  Ferrari 488 Spider.

What do you mean it is a spider?

Traditionally Ferrari has called its convertible cars Spider, whereas Lamborghini goes with Spyder.  So whenever you read Ferrari Spider, you will know it is a convertible, whether the full roof-flat convertible like the F355 Spider, or the mid-section open cars which followed, being 360 Spider, F430 Spider and 458 Spider.

488 Spider – another new Ferrari name?

In the same way the Ferrari 458 Italia coupé is being replaced by the 488 GTB coupé (GTB being a revived and highly revered Ferrari name, short for Gran Turismo Berlinetta) the 458 Spider is being replaced by 488 Spider.

Open-top Ferrari V8 turbo

An open-top Ferrari V8 turbo… ooh, just saying that sounds delicious.  Where the 488 GTB is the coupé designed as the car for maximum driving fun, the Spider is the semi-convertible, with its compact stowable retractable hardtop pitched to deliver maximum drop-top fun.

The benefits of opening up the car in spider (convertible) format include open-air driving excitement, brought about by a feeling of freedom and openness, and of course to better hear the V8 Ferrari turbo engine, sitting just behind the seats.

The technological benchmarks include the aluminium spaceframe chassis and bodyshell, new turbocharged V8, aerodynamics to create downforce yet reduce air drag, while taking into account the air flow demands of an open-top car’s cabin.

The Spider’s heart

The 3902 cc V8 turbo debuted recently in the 488 GTB, and the 488 Spider the same impressive (even for a Ferrari) engine outputs are 670CV or 492kW!  That is a considerable jump up from the already considerable 419kW from the naturally-aspirated 4.5-litre V8 in the middle of Ferrari 458 GTB and Spider.

As the roof is so lightweight, the spider is able to match the coupé’s 0-100 km/h fun of a flat 3 seconds, and top speed of “more than” 325km/h is as seriously fast as the 488 GTB’s 330km/h.

When and at what price?

The Ferrari 488 Spider will be unveiled officially at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in September, so should start arriving in sunny South Africa in our summer-time – perfect timing.  Should see some of these beauties cruising along Clifton Beach.

The outgoing 458 Spider is priced at R 4 610 000, and the 488 GTB base price is estimated at between R4.6m to R4.8m, while the 488 GTB Spider price is to be confirmed (comparing the price difference between 458 Italia and outgoing 458 Spider of just over R500k, the estimation is that the 488 Spider is to come in at... well, let's do the maths).

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